About Us

Small-buildings.com is founded in 2010 y. It is very new website and today you can find one great plan of small building. Nevertheless, our experience in designing buildings reaches early 2002 y and this is our new direction of activity. The design is based on structural engineering calculation and detailing. Therefore our work has high level of scrupulousness and we give detailed information for construction. The team consists of professional engineers, which has contemporary background in design of buildings. Most of us possess master degree of technical university and are experienced in design buildings which require special care. 

Scope of e-shop 

The www.small-buildings.com shop web page is small building e-plan web based store. Here you can find e-plan of small building, summer house for outside leisure. Today we can offer only one plan, but our aim is to give customers best quality plans according which construction can begin immediately after purchase. Nevertheless we are planning to prepare more contemporary and simple at the same time building plans in near future.